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I am a mother to two amazing daughters, Deanna and Daphne. At 13 and 11 years of age, respectively, my girls have attended Simi schools since they were in the 1st grade and they were fortunate to have wonderful teachers along the way. 


This picture represents four generations of my family, with my grandmother, my mother, me, and my girls. It is a symbol of the importance I place on inter-generational connections


The values of hard work and service to others were passed down to me and I've passed them on to my daughters. 


My parents brought me and my brother to America for a better life, and with the help of various supports (from family, teachers, friends, government financial aid, etc.), I have fulfilled their American dream. This is why I have devoted my life to help others have similar access to the opportunities that I had.


I have been married to my husband, Paul, for almost 15 years. His family has deep roots in Ventura County--42 years and counting.

More than 15 years ago, he and his family started a small business in Los Angeles with a 400 sq ft office and one employee. They moved their business to Newbury Park and it now includes four warehouses and upwards of 100 employees across various



In addition to creating jobs for our County, my husband serves on the General Plan Advisory Committee for Thousand Oaks and is on the advisory board of Homes for Generations, a 501(c)3. Community involvement is in the family!





We adopted three rabbits from Rabbit Rescue in Paramount, a no-kill shelter: Sugar, Dwight, and Pepper.


Sugar is sweet (hence her name!) and shy. Dwight is an interesting combination of curious and cautious. They belong to House Starkunny and their words are "Treat-free days are coming."


Pepper is the mischievous one. He has a little attitude and thinks he is the boss of the whole house, which he kind of is. He belongs to House Hopgaryen, whose words are "Chewing cords and marking territory."

We are a house divided and in the Game of Bunnies, you either win or you have no place to sit. 


Watch a trailer for the latest episode here on HBOBun: 

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