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School of Social Work at Cal State Los Angeles 

As a professor for the past 15 years, I have taught social work courses focusing on the history of social welfare policies, policy analysis, community organizing, and administration.

It is my experience in policy analysis and administration (e.g., budget management) in particular that I can bring to the position of School Board Trustee. For example, I was the Associate Director for our School and have experience in management of human and financial resources.

I am also knowledgeable about the various social problems that affect children and youth that may impact their education as my area of expertise is child welfare.

I am passionate about working toward a society that allows for equal access to opportunities for all. I believe access to good quality education is the key to successful outcomes for all communities.



Tools of the trade

I am a trained social worker, and have interpersonal skills that facilitate my ability to work with people across various areas of difference. I know how to work together as a team toward a common goal even when ideas about the paths to that goal differ.


Social work is an evidence-based profession, which means that we adopt practices that have been shown via research to be effective. I will bring this background with me in developing solutions to the challenges that our district faces. 




Creating change

Most of my work in advocacy has focused on policy change at the State and National levels. I have traveled to Sacramento and Washington, DC, in order to advocate for policies that I felt could help vulnerable populations. For example, I was part of the Child Welfare League of America's delegation to advocate for programs that can benefit children and youth in foster care.


Currently, I serve on the Simi Valley Neighborhood Council #1, which is a position I sought in order to get more involved in local government. 

I will bring my knowledge and education to bear in advocating for students, teachers, and families. I will work hard to ensure that all our students have a safe environment within which to learn and grow.


I will also help develop and support initiatives that can facilitate the success of our students so that they are ready for college/careers.


With the fall semester involving distance-education, we need innovative solutions to challenges now more than ever. I am a creative thinker and that, combined with my years of experience in education and advocacy, makes me an excellent candidate for the position of School Board Trustee. 



My experience as a social worker is not limited to working with individuals and groups. In fact, most of my work has focused on research and policy change. In this capacity, I have the knowledge and experience to examine all aspects of a given problem via research in order to arrive at a set of feasible alternatives.


Over the past 20 years, I have provided research consulting services to a number of non-profit organizations that need their programs evaluated. I also worked for Ventura County's Children and Families Services, first as a policy analyst and then as a consultant evaluating their programs. 


When it comes to the challenges faced by our district, my experiences enable me to ask relevant questions and engage in research toward solutions. All of my work is informed by research and I can bring a fresh perspective and objectivity to this position. 

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